The 2014 edition of the Major League Baseball All Star game was pretty damn good, maybe the best I have seen. 

The game was centered around the retiring Derek Jeter, the face of the game for fifteen years. Wouldn't you know it, the first ball hit was towards Jeter's left where he made a diving stop and just missed throwing out a speedy Andrew McCutchen of the Pirates. Pretty good start.

After the National League half of the inning was over, this took place.

What a way to get it started. A fitting tribute to a world class player.

Later in the game, Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright told reporters that he had, for lack of a better term, "grooved" pitches to Jeter. Of course, when asked about it later by Erin Andrews, Wainwright said his comments were taken out of context. That's the worst response you can give when called out on a comment. He didn't mean to, but wainwright's comments took a little bit away from Jeter's night.

My biggest issue with the coverage was that there wasn't a tribute or a moment of silence for the greatest hitter of my generation. Baseball hall of famer Tony Gwynn, who recently passed away, wasn't even mentioned once in the entire broadcast, and that's a shame. Gwynn and his legacy deserved much more from Major League Baseball. 

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